Tuesday, April 13, 2010

On two wheels...

I've been super focused on incorporating healthier food options for dinner for the family. I guess a huge part of it is wanting to be healthier, but a small part of me is SICK of eating hot dogs, chicken nuggets, fries...blah!
So, the other day, I put spinach in my spaghetti sauce...and after Ayden cried for 10 minutes about me putting "grass" in his food, he tried it. AND LIKED IT! Score!
So tonight, I made chicken (I always cook my chicken in water instead of oil or grease) and chopped it up, mixed with spinach, tomatoes, mushrooms and then tossed it all with Alfredo sauce and whole grain pasta. Once again, crying fit, but I told them if they would just TRY it we would get ice cream...I know, I know, defeats the purpose, but I had to get them to try it. Drum roll...AJ ate 2 plates! Whoot, whoot! So, my friend Ali came over and we walked up to the ice cream store. Jack was in the stroller and AJ and Moe were on their bikes. Once we got there, the kids eagerly ate their ice cream, but Jax had ONE focus. Getting on Maddie's bike. I snapped this picture...

isn't he adorable! When it was time to go, he cried and was MAD AS HELL that he couldn't ride that bike home! It will be no time before he will be pedaling away with sissy and brother!

I also snapped this one the other day after he passed out on the couch! I just can't believe how big he's getting!

New things he's doing:
~LOVES to play outside
~tries really hard to get his shoes and socks on
~loves to run naked...watch out, he will pee on the floor
~LOVES Maddie and AJ
~is becoming more and more independent!

Hope everyone is having a great week!

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the dawn said...

Love your veggie-strategies and good for you that you're making progress with the kiddos! LOVE your pics. Your babies are precious.