Thursday, March 11, 2010

Spring in my step? No, spring in the AIR!

Finally...the weather has been a little bit on the nicer side! We've had a few days of sunshine and 40's, and I have been bitten by the spring bug for sure! I can't, can't, can't wait for summer to hurry up and get here. Yesterday, when we got home, I decided to get the monkeys out of the house and out for a walk! With Jaxon in the stroller and the other two on their bikes, we headed out. We only made it half way around the block before Maddie decided that she was tired, so I found a rode that had a hill where she wouldn't have to peddle as much...which was all good until I then had to push her UP the other hill while pushing Jaxon in his stroller! Jaxon loved the walk! His new favorite toy is a whistle, which besides his toothbrush is always hanging out out his mouth, and he walks around tooting away! It's so funny because then he wants to put it in your mouth and it's DRIPPING with drool...literally! Just as he wants to brush your teeth. And today I found him sitting on the bathroom floor trying to straighten his hair...ahahahaha, monkey see, monkey do! Hope everyone is doing well!

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omg jax is so hilarious!