Sunday, March 28, 2010

Spring Break 2010

What a weekend. We decided to keep it small for spring break since we've had some unexpected expenses come up, so instead of fun in the sun, we decided for a "fun in a hotel with a water slide" approach instead. My friend Karyn asked if I wanted to bring my monkeys, so between her two kiddos and my three...we loaded up the van and headed off!
Let me beging by saying that the reservation lady was the complete opposite of friendly. When we arrived there, we learned that our rooms were SUPER far apart from each other. In different buildings actually. Sigh. So, after checking in Karyn dropped AJ, Mad and I off at our room, and was going to hold on to Jaxon for just a minute as I was carrying his pack 'n play, bags, cooler, camera, etc, etc...we finally get to our room...and the key doesn't work. Ugh. So we walk the 5 minute walk BACK to the front desk because I can't find Karyn (she had went to put their bags away in their room and change into their bathing suits) and the lady at the desk informs me that the key works fine, my door battery must be dead. So Maintence meets us back at the room (mind you, we are still, or should I say I am still lugging around all this crap) and we get the door open...ahhh. Finally. Off to the water park we go. It's fun, AJ hits the slide, Maddie Moe is diving around, even Jax is enjoying himself. We decide it's time to get some dinner...get back to our room...and the door doesn't open again. At this point, I'm super frusterated because the kids are all hungry and whinning...we finally get in, hurry and change...and head to the resturaunt in the hotel.
We get seated. Now, as someone who has previously waited tables, I know what it's like when 2 moms and 5 kids show up. That being said, I never mind paying for great service, and will tip you accordingly....we sat there for 10 minutes before anyone even acknowleged our presence. I'm not sure how you could have missed us because Jax was upset because he was hungry, we were right in the middle of the room...oh well, by the time we did get waited on and fed it was almost 2 hours later. Redic. And out waiter rolled his eyes at Karyn, I thought she was going to blow a gasket!
Instead of a really nice tip, I left a really honest comment card, and $4.00 even though I don't think he deserved it.
Instead of heading back to the park, karyn took the older monkeys to her room to watch Alvin and the Chipmunks and I headed to my room to put Jack out for the night.
This morning, we hit the arcade for a bit and then jumped in the car to make it back to Jackson. most favorite part of the day was...
yesterday. Jaxon met his new best friend. Someone just his size who likes to do the same things he likes to was so stinking cute. I'll let you see below who his new friend was...

I promise to try and post more pictures tomorrow, but for some reason it took 45 min to post just this one, and I really have to get laundry caught up! Hope everyone had an amazing weekend!

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