Friday, March 5, 2010

Spinning and 6!

This week, I've met a few personal goals that I'm very excited about.
To date, and not counting tomorrow, I've managed to log 12.9 hours of exercise. What? Yep, that's right!
The rest of my week since my last post unfolded like such:
~Wednesday, rode 10 miles on the bike at lunch, and that night hit kickboxing class.
~Thursday I went back to spinning. It was amazing. I'm not sure if I love it as much as kickboxing, my heart rate I believe averaged around 162, but it was a pretty great work out and there are some cute boys in the class which always keeps your mind off of what you're doing. They might be cuter if they weren't wearing padded butt shorts.ha.
~Today, I went to kickboxing at lunch where I failed to meet my 80%, so my friend nicole and I started talking in the pool about going to the gym after work. We decided on it and it was a go. So my biggest accomplishment of the day...

That's right. 6 miles. Yeaaa~ it took me 1 hour and 2 minutes. With about 10 minutes left in the run, my ipod died...sigh...but my good friend nicole let me use hers! thank goodness because I really needed the music to keep me motivated.
When I finished...I felt great! Ok, I'm tired, my legs are tired from all the craziness this week, but really, I'm feeling okay. I bought my swim cap and googles and I'm ready to tackle swimming next week!

Oh...and another good piece of news...I ordered my new training buddy today. Check this out!

This bad boy can be worn in water (for swimming), biking, name it! Sweet! My work pays for it as my workout bonus which is even sweeter! I can't wait to get it and will keep you all posted!
Oh, and on a side note, I started selling Mary Kay (I know random) so if you ever need anything or want a party, give me a shout!
all right, hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!

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SO so so so so proud of you and SO SO jealous of that watch... maybe i can fenagle a way to get one too! teeheheehe