Thursday, March 11, 2010

So far this week...

ehhh, I've been kind of a slacker. I didn't work out on Saturday or Sunday.
Normally on Monday at lunch I would have kickboxed, but instead this week I had to go get a new tire for my car since I had a huge blowout on Saturday! Yuck! So instead, Monday, Nicole and I went to the gym and I ran a quick three before I had to leave for my was long over due and much needed! My friend Julie is in massage therapy school and is doing her clinicals where she gives away a free hour with her magic hands! Ahhhhh...I was going to kickbox that night, but after that I was in for the night.
Tuesday...I spent an evening with the monkeys, reading stories, lots of school work..all the goods.
Wednesday I took the kids for a walk (see post below) and that night went to kickboxing. It was an okay workout, but there were too many people there for it to be amazing!
tonight....the night I've been waiting for. My monkeys were going to hang with my nanna and bompa so I decided to hit the gym. I did 77 minutes of a spin class, which was harder than the first because I really cranked up the resistance, but I was unable to get my heart to 80%...I think it's because my band kept dropping my heart rate...I CAN NOT WAIT FOR MY GARMIN!!! It was so frustrating. After class, I decided to go and run a mile on the treadmill which took me 10 minutes. I would have kept running, but it was time for monkey pick up!
I'm looking forward to getting in the pool soon before spinning, then running after spin to simulate the tri that we are all training for! It's going to take a lot of work, but should be worth it in the long run!

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SO proud of you E! Cant wait to try that spinning with you!!! xoxo