Monday, March 15, 2010

Manic Monday...

Workout wise...I hit kickboxing up at lunch and failed to get my 80%.
Made a quick stop at the gym where my intentions were to run 5 and only made it 3. My shins have been KILLING friend Nicole brought me somes shoes to try, but I'm still having killer shin pain. I did manage, however, to get my 80%. AND the great thing about the gym today...
my sweetest friend ever who is trying to turn me into a "girly, girl" brought me an early birthday present. What may you ask? See post below....super cute coach wristlet. Just big enough to fit my IPod, phone and actitrainer...all of the neccessities for the gym! It's adorable!
I went to kickboxing again tonight and barely made me 80%...when everyone else was doing pushups, crazy girl Erika was doing jumps and power roundhouse kicks. Ahhh, now my legs are barking and I'm exhausted. Anyways...back to my whole reason for the post!
THE SUNSHINE! It's been amazing, and baby Jaxon is loving the outdoors. When we got home from work today, I decided to let him run around the yard for a bit...and what would you know, he ran directly to grandma's. I guess that's kind of how it goes...she feeds them frosting for breakfast, they love her house more than mine:) Ha. But I did get out my camera and snapped a few pictures. Hope you enjoy them!
We are looking forward to an amazing week! Aunt Lindsay is coming to town to keep mommy company this weekend and we are all so excited for her visit! I can hardly wait to pick her up on Wednesday morning!
Hope everyone has a great week as well!

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