Thursday, March 25, 2010

Jaxon "bug" Gerding 15 months!

Baby Jaxon got a new nickname from Aunt Linds last week..."bug"...reminds me of my cousin katie bug aka bugs, but I'll let it go and see if it sticks!
I can hardly believe that Jaxon is 15 months old seems like just yesterday he was in my belly and a tiny baby. His personality is becoming bigger and bigger everyday! Today at day care when I went to drop him off, he decided that he was going to cry when I left. I hate when they get to that point because it makes you feel so terrible, but I don't have a choice, I have to work. Maybe with the new Obama care/laws, I can quit and sit on my ass and let all of the wealthy people work really hard and give me all of their money, but that just doesn't seem fair!
Oh's a quick run down, and I'm hoping to take lots of pictures this weekend at the water park for a super fun post! We are going to spend the night with Katie, Collin and Karyn...2 moms, 5 kids...what's not to love? Should be interesting!

So...Baby Jaxon at 15 months:
~loves books
~loves toothbrushes
~Still drinks a night bottle :(
~is trying to "run"
~tries to put shoes on
~plays patty-cake
~can "dance"
~eats tomatos and noodles like they are going out of style
~always wants my ipod or cell phone
~loves brother and sister. a. lot.
~is super excited for summer (he now stands at the door and whines to go out!)
~can go up and down stairs
~Is still one of the most amazing kids I know!

You have enriched our lives so much, and brough love and joy that we didn't know we could have. Thank you for being such a sweet, loving, smiling little monkey (or as aunt Linds would call you, bug:) I can't wait to see the amazing qualities that you posess and what an amazing man you will turn into. I also can't wait for you to talk and get rid of that passie!
I love you!

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