Sunday, March 7, 2010

I'm just saying...

Here are a few pictures from Amelia's session, I'm just saying, isn't she adorable?

We had a pretty nice weekend. The finally shining! Yea, I feel like it's been so long since we have seen it, it's amazing! Saturday morning the 2 oldlest monkeys left to go ice fishing, so it was just Jax and I. We decided to go to Sams and Meijer with Davan...literally, Jack was sitting up falling asleep in the cart at was hilarious! Saturday afternoon we had visitors (Joy and Cole) my good friend since high school that I haven't seen in ages! her little boy is just adorable...she came over and we had a glass of wine and talked forever! Later we met for a drink at Klavon's (the yummiest martini's ever!) and it was so nice catching up! On my way home, I got a flat tire:( sigh* so Davan the great came over today and helped me change to the spare! Ok, ok, he did it, I stayed in the house with Jax, but thank you Davan! I'm seriously going to make him a shirt for his birthday in May...something like: World's Greatest Ex-Husband! Ha, I'm sure I'm the only person that would ever claim that about their ex-husband!
Today, my friend Rachel came from K-zoo so we could take pictures of Amelia (see above)...she is 4 months old and is almost the same size as Jaxon! She is so cute~and I'm super glad that Ali could come over and shoot with me!
Jaxon story for the day:
Ok. So super cute. Around 10 or so this morning, he was walking around whinning, and I knew he was tired. I had tried to lay him down about 30 minutes before, but he wasn't having it. I asked him, Jack are you tired..and he bolted. I made a bottle and grabbed his blanket and he came out of his room and looked at me, squealed and ran back into his room. When I came around the corner, he was trying to crawl INTO his crib! What the? Seriously? I've never had a kid be more excited for a nap. Ever!
It was super, super cute!
Hope everyone is enjoying the sun shine as much as we are!

2 comments: said...

awwww! i love baby amelia! she is so freaking cute! and that story about jax wanting to nap is hilarious! love you!!

p.s. i think we should go rock climbing at the gym... bring your camera and take pictures for evidence! :)

Erika said...

hahahahaha, that would be fun! I'm a little scared I may drop it though...can they harness it in too?