Monday, February 15, 2010

Still alive...

Oh my, what a week. I know it's been a bit since I've posted...but seriously, I've NEVER had so much sickness infest my house. EVER. Ayden started with the flu bug, who passed it to Nate, Jack, Maddie and I, Abbey, Mom...and today is the first day that I have eaten anything that wasn't white since last Wednesday! I'm telling you, this crap was AWFUL! I'm thinking that everyone is back on the mend and feeling great now!
For Valentines Day, Davan brought me the most adorable card, flower and candy from the kiddos...and Lizzie and I went to Ikea~I got some tax money back and I'm excited to finish up a few projects that I've been putting off.
Maddie has been wanting a pink room forever! So I went to Ikea and found this bedroom set
I'm hoping that she will love it! I'm still trying to figure out what I am going to do paint wise...I'm thinking of picking to two pink colors out of the bed and either doing stripes or squares or something....any ideas?
I also bought her this

because I think she will love it! It will make her bed look so cute! I bought her a tent for Christmas, but her brothers have already destroyed it~
I also bought this table which I'm debating on putting in the basement or in Maddie's room, and a paper roll for drawing, which all of my monkeys will LOVE~ this is the table, but the one I bought is red...

I also found a new duvet for Jack because his was getting kind of yucky...the only bad thing about white is that it stains...but I found this super cute set which had a crib sheet, duvet, pillowcase and blanket for $12!

I also bought this adorable shower curtain because I needed a change. Currently my bathroom is yellow, which doesn't totally match, but still looks ok. I'm trying to decided if I should paint it a light blue (paint I already have) to match a little better...what do you think?

Who knows, since I think Joe is coming this weekend to see Jack, still waiting on his flight info if he's coming, I may have a free day to paint and try and get some things done. i really want to finish organizing the basement too because Jack wants to play down there now, so I need to get the little toys up before I can let him venture down there. I'm okay with him going up stairs, but he still makes me nervous going down! I still can't believe how big he's getting and how smart he is. He's been obessed with this toy Davan got him for his birthday...this shape sorter thing, and he can almost figure out the shapes and which way they go now! He also is obessed with toothbrushes...and he has 2 molars now!
I really hope everyone is well...I haven't had my camera out in weeks since my class ended, but I will try and get it out this week and take some pictures!
Love to you all!

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im glad your better... and i better not catch your disease sister! love you bunches n bunches!