Tuesday, February 23, 2010


It feels like forever since I've written, but things have been soooo crazy busy! We had a super busy weekend, and an almost crazier week so far~
Maddie has been so excited about her new room. I finally bought the paint on Thursday and started painting...three colors of pink. One of the hardest things I've done in awhile because those of you that know me, know that I hate pink. I finally decided on stripes...and now that I have it painted, it somewhat reminds me of a Victoria Secret bag...

three wall are nearly this color combination with wide stripes and the other wall is a super light pink. I'm hoping to put the last coat on tomorrow, clean the floor and get her room put back together soon. It's been a bit of a challenge since the kiddos have been home most of the time and they want to help...which means make a huge mess.

I finally had a meeting with AJ's teacher today. He's been so different lately, such a challenge. He's been crying a lot, super aggressive, just plain out down on himself. Davan and I now have a plan in place and I'm really hoping that we can get to the bottom of this craziness soon before we all go nuts! tonight, we actually had a really great night. No fighting over homework, only mild fighting at bed time...and the best news from the meeting was that AJ (who was behind in reading in December testing at a 6) now is reading at a 2nd grade level and tested at a 17! That's a huge success and I'm glad that all of his hard work is paying off. If he has three good days at school, his reward is to return to his old kindergarten class and read them a story! I'm willing to try almost anything to help him rebuild his self confidence!

Baby Jax is growing like a weed. Those bottom molars coming in are kicking his butt right now...he woke up crying at 3am yesterday and cried til 5...broke my heart:( And when I went in to get him up, he was covered in puke. He threw up EVERYWHERE...and never even cried. I'm telling you, it was one of those days!

Training is going well. I'm not loosing weight which is frusterating, but I can tell that running is starting to get a little easier. I finally figured out a way to rig my actitrainer to work in the pool by hooking it in my hair, and if I run at 7 miles an hour with the jets on, I can almost get my 80%! I did have a nice 4 mile run on Saturday night which was a much needed jam session on my ipod. My friend Nicole always talks about how she puts on her jams and just kind of zones out...I'm learning how to do that, and I don't find myself hating life so much!

I PROMISE to get my camera out this week and take some pictures! Of moe's room, AJ's new hair cut, baby jax's teeth~

Love to you all~

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runnernic.com said...

yay!!! :) Way to get into running... sorta! I knew it was possible! Cant wait to see maddie moes room!!