Monday, February 1, 2010

Manic Monday...

Ahhh. Mondays. A night usually spent in class or with friends and family.
Tonight, I swooped up baby Jax and met my friends Ali and Nicole at Outback for dinner. We had a great time...and baby Jax stole the tomatoes off of every one's salad! It's weird because he is usually so laid back, but tonight he cried every time Ali or Nic tried to hold him, and quit as soon as I took him back. I'm beginning to think that the whole stranger anxiety is starting to kick in. hilarious.
Anyways, I was too sick to Shred yesterday, but I did go to kickboxing tonight where my peak BPM was 195~ whoot! I only got 40 minutes of my 80%. Tomorrow our triathlon training is starting, so I have to run 3 miles. I also am going to try a spinning class with my friend Nicole tomorrow as well. I'm thinking I may need to borrow my mom's padded shorts for this class...I'll let you know how it goes!
I will try to keep posted, but I'm leaving for DC on Thursday...super excited!
Love to you all!

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