Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Finally home...and the snow continues!

This picture was midway through the storm...the snow was well up to my thighs in most places!

Ahhhh...after a long weekend spent in DC, burried under some 26-30 inches of snow, 3 cancelled flights, nearly 24 hours in an airport, I arrived back to Detroit Monday night. When my original flight was cancelled they told me that it would take 3-4 hours if I wanted my luggage back. Not really wanting to stick around the airport that long, besides I was unsure if I was going to get my standby flight and if I did, they would need my bag, I decided to head back to the hotel. One of the girls from my class, Sarah, ended up arriving at the hotel later that night after a flight that she was going to try and get on was cancelled, and we headed back to the airport around 9:30 Monday morning to try and catch earlier flights. By now, my patience was spent. I received a few phone calls from my kids which sent me to tears instantly because I wanted nothing more than to get home. when I finally got off the plane and went to the luggage rack, I stood there and waited. and waited. and waited. My bags...not there. At this point, I lost it. They had over 24 hours to make sure that my bags were on the right stinking plane, and they couldn't even do that!!! UGGHHHH...so I make my way to the lost baggage room, wait again in line, and then from across the airport, here comes baby Jack and Lizzie. And me, bawling like a baby. Whatever. I had reached my boiling point. When I finally get in the room, the lady said, I have your bag right here...praise God!
We get in the car...start heading home...and Jack pukes...all over the backseat. Did I mention that if I smell it. see it, hear it, I do it? As does my mom? We pulled over, stripped him down, get rolling again. And he pukes again. This pretty much was my welcome home. A puking baby. All night long. I couldn't even get into work today because Jax was a mess most of the day. He's already in bed again...you can tell he's not feeling well.
And...it's snowing....again. I feel like I just escaped from that hell, and now it has followed me to Michigan. Yuck. I can't wait to move to South Carolina where the sun is out and the beach, we can walk on! Just waiting for things to fall in the right place....
Hope everyone had a much less eventful weekend than I did. On a bright note, I guess tomorrow is humpday...

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runnernic.com said...

i'm sorry the past few days sucked!! atleast we can see eachother tomorrow and all will be swell again! love you ees!