Friday, February 5, 2010

And it's snowing...

Hello all from DC again! As much as I'm missing my monkeys, I'm loving this class and all of the great information that I'm learning. AND...the snow is falling. People here are nuts. You would think some of them have never seen snow before...some crazy peeps from my class were out in their bathing suits taking pictures, WTH?
I'm loving the fitness center here at the hotel, and it's different having free time on my hands to actually try a longer workout than normal. My goal of running 6 miles today has been postponed until tomorrow, I was underestimating how sore my toes where going to be after my 5 miles yesterday!
My workout today was more like~
~2 miles on the treadmill, 21 minutes
~10 miles on the bike, hills, between level 5-10
~1 more mile on the treadmill~11:30

this workout made me realize that I better get my butt moving! July isn't that far away, and I'm tired...and I'm going to have to swim 1/2 a mile, bike 5 miles farther and run 1 more mile! Better hop to it!

Tomorrow...I'm going to get 6 miles...don't even care if I have to walk any of them.
Love from DC~

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your awesome! you go girl! get your 6 miles in tomorrow then rest on sunday! your going to need it! im so proud of you!!! you rock!