Thursday, February 25, 2010

Am I going crazy???

It's 8:45 and if I have to say, "Mad, go to sleep!" one more time, I may jump off a cliff...aaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh~
I love my kiddos but they have been pushing every button I know these days. Ayden's attitude, Maddie and her meanness, Jaxon and his teeth...I find myself wishing these days would hurry up and be over. And then I turn around and think, where the heck has the time gone, i can't believe they are getting big so fast, slow down!

We've had a super busy week! Maddie's room, besides a few finishing touches, is complete! Whoot, whoot! And last night, she slept in her own bed.the.whole.night! I never thought I would see that!

So here are some pictures of her new room! This is her super cute night light and heart curtains~

This is her new table and never ending paper roll for my little monkey who LOVES to color!

Super fun princess tent type thing since the boys trashed hers in one day flat after Christmas~

And queen bee in her new bed~

Now that we have painted maddie's room, ayden is insisting that we paint the boys room...any guesses as to what he wants? You got it, Michigan State!
Today Jaxon also got another box from Miss Mary and the family in New Mexico! I think he tried to eat the entire package of yogurt things! Is was hilarious! My other monkeys also enjoyed their candies! Thank you so much!

Our favorite part was the newspaper about tumble weed snow men! that's hilarious! We've had enough snow here for weeks to keep us happy forever...we are now waiting for summer and over the snow!!!

Baby Jaxon at 14 months:

~can pretty much feed himself
~still loves tomatoes, yogurt and in general, he's happy!
~has been cutting molars*sigh*
~goes to bed between 7:30 and 8:30
~loves his shape sorter
~has been developing stranger anxiety
~takes more poops a day than any kid I have ever met. ever.
~has blessed our family and life in more ways than I can count!

I hope everyone has had a great week!

1 comment: said...

OMG! her room is so cute! Its such a big girl room and will be cute for many many years! Good thinking mom- now i want to have a princess heart room! LOL!

I have an idea for ayden and jax room... you should do mini strips only vertical along the bottom. Paint the top white-- then do green and white stripes along the bottom... then get a big sparty head cling on and stick it to the white part... then they can have MSU bedding! oMG SO CUTE!