Tuesday, February 2, 2010

1st day training...

Today we were supposed to start our training for our triathlon, and I was planning on spending 45 minutes or so jogging in the pool and then heading over to try a spinning class at the hospital. Sadly, my plans were changed when a small chemical screw up made us have to get out of the pool early and rather than a spinning class I had to go to the funeral home. A friend of mine from high schools mother passed away after a long battle with cancer and it makes me so terribly sad. So instead of cleaning up my house and packing for my upcoming trip (I am leaving Thursday morning), I'm sitting in my bed on my computer watching my monkeys sleep. There's something about watching them sleep...they are so peaceful...and not talking back:) It's amazing everyday...the things they do, say...pretty soon, Baby Jax is going to be talking a mile a minute...he follows AJ and Maddie everywhere and was so interested in trying to color yesterday it was adorable.

As far as my training goes, tomorrow I plan on going to kickboxing at lunch and possibly a jog after work depending on if I get my packing done. I have an appointment to get my toes done (working in a pool is HELL on the feet)...a Christmas present from my grandma that I'm finally going to use! I also need to swing by a store and pick up some goggles because my class I'm going to attend requires goggles and then I will also be able to start swimming laps on my free time. Plus the hotel I'm staying at has a sweet fitness room open 24-7...so I'm hoping to break my 6 mile mark this weekend while I'm gone! Since I've never made it past 4, I'm doing some serious music downloading for my ipod so that I won't become too bored!
Hope everyone is having a wonderful day!

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