Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Ups and downs of day 3...

Tori made it out of surgery around 6:45 or so and was sent straight to MRI to make sure they got it all. Not sure how long the biopsy will take, but thank you to everyone for their prayers.

Day 3 on 42 and Fit was challenging. Miss Mary from New Mexico sent me a gift card, so today I went and purchased the Shred, a new workout video. My friend Nicole and I are going to use it because I'm already sore and I've only been running for 3 days.
Tonight I ran for 30 mins and made it a whopping 2.65 miles. I hated life until I was about 15 minutes into the run, and then from about 12 counting down, as long as I rested my hands, I actually didn't feel that bad. I probably could have finished out the 3 miles, but I was anxious to watch American Idol and get to bed. I really need to figure out how to get my treadmill off the elevation that it's set on (like and incline of 20% probably)because my achilles are really starting to ache.
Tomorrow will be a pool run day for sure, and Friday we will start the shred. We are actually going to weigh, measure and take pictures every 10 days to track our progress. I'm excited to see how it turns out!

Please keep those prayers coming for Tori! Love to you all from my family to yours!

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Nicole said...

yeah we need to figure out how to get your TM so that it isnt on the elevation! DUH! Thats probably why your in so much pain and hate your life when your running! Running at an elevation is a nasty b & i hate it! great job on the run! i'm proud of you!! way to stick to getting rid of bad habits! love you!