Sunday, January 24, 2010

Looking for Motivation

Ahhh...I've had a fantastic weekend. Friday Maddie's friend Rachel came over to spend the night, Saturday Jack and I hung out for most of the day, watched the spartans come from behind in an awesome basketball game, and saturday night I went to the casino with mom and hit 4 Jacks on video poker! We then went to this amazing wine bar to listen to my friend, Shane's, band play. Today I decided it was time to take my computer to best buy because it has really been acting up and not cooperating. I left with a brand new computer (thanks Lizzie for 18 months same as cash!)

So...I'm writing from my new computer! I LOVE IT! The only sad thing was I was going to do a post about Jaxon at 13 months and include some pictures of him and Maddie eating a lemon, but I have no pictures on this computer:( But, I am working on transferring my information over so I will hopefully be able to post very soon!

On another hand, I'm checking in to my workout friends...I am still doing shred, but I'm kind of over it. I'm hanging in there because I promised Nicole 21 days, but it's hard. I love kickboxing so much more, and the shred video does a lot of the same moves, but it's just so much slower. I'm having a hard time getting my heart rate high enough for it to count because as soon as I stop bouncing around, my heart rate drops very quickly. I guess I'm also frusterated because I'm not losing weight...that could be diet related though:) I'm hoping to go for a run tomorrow so I'll post times when I have them! I really do need to dig deep to find the motivation to keep going...

Baby Jaxon is adorable as always~ at 13 months he
~goes to bed around 7:30
~is walking/trying to run
~plays catch
~plays peek-a-boo
~still LOVES his blanket
~will eat bananas or tomatoes ANYTIME! LOVES THEM!
~is such a little man

Hope everyone is having an amazing week!

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Nicole said...

i'm sick of shred too... :(