Thursday, January 7, 2010

Hair Be Gone... Jaxon got his first hair cut today. I have cut it twice but it was really starting to look like a mullet, so I figured it was time to give the hair dresser a shot. Lauren did a great job with an upset monkey. He did ok towards the end, and I think that most of his problem was that the hair was itching his nose. I can't believe how much a little trim would make him look so much older. I was unable to take pictures because I had to hold him, but here are a few pictures of him in the bathtub tonight.
A few other tidbits of info on the night:
Baby Jax's favorite...
food: tomatoes
song: you are my Jack, Jack (to the tune of you are my sunshine)
toy: anything musical..or Aydens nerf darts
blanket: one that Mary made for AJ...he LOVES silkies!

He can also now take a whole lot of walk all the way down the hall and into the kitchen! Holy cow, that was seems like just last week I was excited about him taking 12 steps or something like that!

I hope everyone is doing well...crossing my fingers for a snow day tomorrow!
With love,


Nicole said...

omg he is precious!! i wanna sing to him!!! he is so handsome e!!!

Alison said...

He is so cute. I can't believe how big they get so quick. we need to get together soon. I will come over sometime let me know when you have time.