Monday, January 11, 2010

42 and Fit

I'm writing to tell you all about my New Years Resolution that started today. I know, I know a little late, but better late than never I suppose! There's been a little drama with my stupid wrist and it's leaving me on the sidelines at kickboxing for THREE WHOLE MONTHS! I'm super sad about it, and I have to wear an ugly awful brace, but I'm hoping that bracing the stupid thing will help prevent me from having a very unwanted surgery. Everyone that knows me knows that I HEART kickboxing. It's my everything...where I let out frustration, sweat my butt off and feel amazing every time I leave.
Also with some persuasion of my friend Chris, have chosen to break another bad habit which I won't talk about until I"m successful at doing it because that one will be a challenge for sure. Ok, ok, rambling, I know, on to my point.
I was talking with my friend Nicole at work today freaking out because I'm unsure how I am going to try and stay in shape since I can't kickbox. I was also talking with her about my other habit and she informed me that it takes 21 days to break a bad habit and 21 days for something to become habit. She suggested that I start running. Ahhh...from the crazy but much loved girl who has ran 2 marathons and can run for hours without becoming bored or going crazy. It seems that everyone at my work is trying to run a marathon or half marathon or doing some sort of triathlon or something crazy. I informed her how much I hate running, but she claimed, 21 days. Let's do it for 21 days. Then she mentioned not drinking soda or fast food, but I'm thinking just a few things at a time...otherwise my body may go into shock!
So...tada...I just got off my treadmill (which is old and scary, but it works). I ran with one walk break for 30 minutes. I made it a whopping 2.17 miles. Yea, I suck. And I hated every minute of it. But, Miss Nicole, I will give you 21 days to find that runners high that you always talk about. I'm sure it's much like my kickboxing high that I get after class.
Sooo...for those of you checking in on my monkeys, they are good! Jaxon is hilarious, his favorite new toy being a toothbrush...and AJ and Moe are loving the snow. I will be posting some sort of exercise fact every night, but I promise to keep the monkey stories coming as well!
Hope everyone is well!
With love~

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Alison said...

That is intresting about the 21 days. I would be so sad without kickboxing for 3 months. Good luck with the running keep me updated.