Friday, December 18, 2009

It's that time of year...

where I am such a blog slacker. I try really hard to keep up, but things have been SOOOOOOO stinking busy with the holidays, Jack's big bday and all the parties, I can hardly keep up! Tonight when we got home there was a package waiting! It was from Joe's dad and his family and his sister Michelle. What a fun surprise! I've been letting the kiddos open gifts when they arrive so they won't be bombarded (Joe's request) and it was so fun to watch them go crazy! I can't wait for Christmas morning! Jack got a bunch of SUPER cute clothes and Miss Moe got dress up stuff (so her) and AJ little men which he was super pumped about.
Just wanted to give a super big thank you to our extended family in Colorado!
And wait until I get pictures of Jaxon in his new big boy car seat! I'll be posting those soon! His dad sent him a sweet car seat for his b-day!
I hope everyone is enjoying the holiday season as much as we are!
Oh...quick story!We always adopt families at work. This year we were able to adopt 8 families! SOOOOO cool! Here's the super sad part! The one family is a single mom with 4 kids age 3, 4, 6 and 10. The have just moved out of the aware shelter and they have nothing!!! In trying to teach my kids the spirit of Christmas, I made them go through their toys and pick 5 toys each to give the the kids who are the same age as they are. Hard lesson learned, but I think they got it (it may have helped that we read the book elf on a shelf first:)

Love to you all this holiday season!
Erika and the monkeys

Oh...and included are a few pictures of Jaxon walking...hard to get because he lunges at you!


Nicole said...

YAY presents!

Ben said...

Thank you for keeping up on this blog. It's a nice way for me to keep dibs on my little nephew and your other kiddos. Have a great holiday season.