Monday, December 21, 2009

Baby Jaxon's 1st Birthday Party

Ahhh....I can not believe that Baby Jack is going to be one in two days. Unreal. We had a family birthday party for him on Sunday and he was! Literally, sometimes when I look at Jack he has the maturity of a 10 year old. He opened ALL of his gifts, looked at them, played with them and continued on. When it came time to eat his cake I was prepared for a HUGE mess. But no, he ate a couple finger fulls and looked at me and said with his big eyes, "ok, mom I'm done!"
Seriously, the kid cracks me up! I'm posting some pictures...the first one I think is the last bite he took of his cake. No smashing it for him! I will do a first birthday post on the big day!
Hope everyone is well!
Oh, and Miss Mary, we did get your package in the mail today, but I'm waiting for my monkeys to come home to open it! I will post pictures when we do! Super big thanks with lots of hugs and kisses (but watch out, Jack bites!)
Is everyone done with their shopping?
Love to you all!
Erika and the monkeys

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