Friday, November 6, 2009


Ayden is in first grade at Sharp Park school this year.
Last year, in kindergarten, I LOVED HIS TEACHER! She was amazing. Always available, easy to talk to...and maybe gave homework once a week.
This year is proving to be quite a challenge. His teacher is not quite as open as Mrs. Reyonlds, and he has homework. every. night.
AND he's behind in reading, so he has 2-3 extra stories to read every night.
We spend 1-1 1/2 hours a night doing homework.
Does anyone else think that's a little extreme?

I was certainly questioning things that other day when he brought a book home called Porkenstine. It was a holiday spoof, but some of the words Ayden really struggled with.
Is it appropriate for a first grader to be able to read words like, creation, laboratory and experiment? I mean, come on, really? Good grief!
What do you think?

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