Monday, November 2, 2009

Halloween con't

So...trying to post everyday in November may be a bit challenging.
I figured today I would give a little more history behind Halloween.

My memories as a child of Halloween would include, what felt like months to me, weeks of anticipation. When the big day would finally come, my mom would get the wagon out and my brother and I would each get a paper sack in the wagon to empty out bags into when they got to heavy to carry. She would march us from house to house...and when we started whinning and complaining that we were tired and wanted to go home, she would say "nope, you've been waiting all year for this, keep moving."
We were always happy at the end when we would dump all out candy into a HUGE pile and sort them into smaller piles by brand. Then the ultimate trade would begin, swapping likes for dislikes and such.

This year, as we ventured out with the kiddos, my mom came with us. We made it up and down a few streets and the boys started whinning they were tired and wanted to go home. And then I became my mother.
"nope, keep moving! Look at all those houses with lights on!"
That's hilarious.
My Maddie decided to go down two more streets with me. She received a silver dollar from one house, and all of the boys were upset because Maddie "got a medal!" No whinning boys, Maddie worked her tail off for that!
Now I have 3 meijer bags FULL of candy that I don't want in my house, but we had so much fun collecting it!
Next year, I'm totally thinking family theme...I'm glad I have a whole year to plan it!

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