Monday, October 5, 2009

To Lansing We Go...

So...for those of you that know know that my current obession lately has been kickboxing. I've been working out at PKSA karate since May, and I love it. It's a great workout, stress name it.
So, Eric and I were talking about him needing some new material for his class. Since all I talk about is kickboxing, one of my co-workers Cheryl told me that her sister takes a kickboxing class. The catch...she lives in Grand Rapids. So I asked her to email me the details, maybe it would be worth the drive.
Did I mention that the class I take is cardio kickboxing? So, more emphasis on the cardio, less on technique and actual fighting.
Tara, Cheryl's sister, got back to us with the info on the class in Grand Rapids, but also included info on a class in Lansing. Now we're talking. I looked at the times though...holy hell, these people work out from 7-8:30...that's a long class compared to the 8-8:45 class I'm used to.
Not wanting to go by myself, I roped in my cousin Katilyn and my girl Ali. On our way there, Ali and I thought it may be fun to try out Onstar in my new car....gave the man the address...and wham. My car started talking to me. Got us all the way to the road where Katie was supposed to live and...wrong street?!? What? Oh, yea, I didn't say East Lansing, just, we called Katie, told her we would have to catch her next time (since we were already 5 minutes late and I CAN'T stand being late) and headed to the gym.
When we got there, well, I'm not going to lie, I was a little nervous. Ali peeked in the window and was like, "oh my, are we really going in there?"
So I peeked...
um...this may be the time to say that I didn't know we were going to be training with Rocky. This place was crazy! There was a ring where and man and woman were literally beating the crap out of each other (they had gloves and stuff, but still!) and all of the students were sparing with each other. She forgot to mention that this was a kickboxing, learn technique, spar craziness that I have never seen before.
We signed our waivers (which was smart for them because I know I broke the blood vessels in the tops of both of my feet) and jumped in. The first thing I learned quite quickly...I may know how to throw a punch, but I often forget to keep my guards up and that makes for a great head shot for my opponent.
Then the guy calls over the girl from the ring...introduces her and tells her to teach us. Come to find out it's his wife...anyways, they were demonstrating combinations and fighting each other. I couldn't help but laugh because all I could imagine was them at home...
hey will you load the dishwasher? Hell no, let's spar over it! There was no rock, paper, scissors here!
They were kind of pricey, but it was for sure a lot of fun! Maybe someday I'll head back~for now, I'll stick to my cardio workout!

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Nicole said...

you are crazy. nuff said <3