Sunday, September 13, 2009

Fun Filled Weekend...

Wow...what a weekend! Friday night Matt and Evan came to have a sleep over...I can't even BEGIN to imagine having FIVE kids! It was tons of fun...the boys ran around outside, rode on the tractor...and finally settled down to watch a movie when they all passed out. There were monkeys just everywhere. They had a great time and we hope we can do it again soon! Here are a few random pictures!

Baby Jack is still loving his new leap table.

Oh...and a few shots from the bathtub...I had all 3 of them washing up at once and was hoping to get a new picture for a new look because I have trouble getting them to all smile or look ever...but I got a few that I love and am going to have them blown up soon to re-do some of the picts in my house!
We have another busy week trying to get back in the routine of school (establishing an earlier bedtime is hard when it isn't quite dark at bedtime:) and Miss Lindsay from South Carolina will be here Friday to help me take pictures at Shane and Collen's wedding this weekend!
Hope this post finds everyone well!
Erika and the Monkeys

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