Saturday, September 26, 2009

Baby Jack 9 months

Sorry that I have been a slacker about posting, but we have been so super busy! With AJ and Maddie in school (do you know that in 1st grade they have homework EVERYNIGHT?), karate class, dance class, friends visiting,, we haven't be sitting still at all!
Here's a little update of Jaxon:
at nine months...
~is still fussy...but I attribute it to those stinking front teeth
~is crawling like a mad man
~perfers to pull himself up and walk around things...occasionally forgetting that he's holding on and falls down, then looks at me like, what the heck did you do that for
~loves anything that's musical...and has dance moves to prove it
~smiles. a lot.
~eats a can of formula every 5 days
~gets mad at me when I'm feeding him because he would much rather feed himself
~can climb up a stair
~can not quite yet climb down a stair

He has been such a blessing to my family. Ayden and Maddie like to play hide and seek with him...where they hide and he chases them around the house. It's adorable.
I have about 3000 pictures from the past 2 weeks to sort through and edit, but I will try to post some more as soon as I can~
hope everyone is well! I don't forget when I do Ayden's karate post, this is one of the conversations that took place during his first day of class.
Mr. Eric: We use a high block to protect our heads. Ayden, what do we use a high block for?"
Ayden: " we don't get hit by a car?!?"
What the heck?
It was hilarious.

Catch you all later!
Erika and the monkeys


rebeccavalentine said...

You have adorable kids, Erika! We should get together sometime. I'd love to have a little reunion with a bunch of our friends. We really should try to do it sometime!

Nicole said...

Hes so flipping cute! I wanna pinch his cheeks!!