Monday, August 24, 2009

Camp Barb

Some of my favorite quotes from this weekend and our first camping trip:
-Ayden: Collin, did you see that girl, she's hot!
-Collin: Yea, the one with the heart shirt...
-Maddie: Yea, last year I had a ant crawl in my butthole. WTH?-Multiple peeps: The big fat ugly lady...
-The paint is worn off.
-All the kiddos: Jesus is dead and He's in the woods!
-Jesus is alive...and He is singing (refering to the church man that showed up for service Saturday and Sunday!)
-We don't play tug of war, we climb higher.

There are many more, and many more stories to tell, but currently Ayden is driving me nuts so I have to sign off and take care of him. Hope everyone is going well.

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Nicole said...

Cute pics! I missed you today too! I will see you Friday & by then, my foot will be longing for some digging! Its getting better though. You'll be proud of my hard work of taking care of it!