Tuesday, July 28, 2009

What a Week...

So... I have finally done it. After coming home and finding a bow in my boy's hair, I decided it was time to cut it. A whole inch, right off the front, his little tiny brown curl. Oh. my. I can't even begin to explain, and I'm currently looking for the picture, but he is now Ayden's little twin...just born 6 years later! It's almost spooky how much they resemble each other.

Also...it seems like just yesterday that I posted, finally he's sitting up! And now, not only is he sitting up, he's on his hands and knees crawling BACKWARDS!!! Do you know what this means?? It's only a matter of time before he figures it out (and with family like Aunt Lori and Maddie Moe, it will probably be sooner) and he'll be into EVERYTHING!!! I forget what it's like to have a little peanut around...

here are some of my favorite shots from this past week!
Hope everyone is doing well!
Erika and the monkeys

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