Saturday, July 11, 2009

Spitting up??? No, sitting up!!!

Houston...we finally have take off. Baby Jaxon can sit up! Yea! He's still very tipsy, but this will make life much easier since he gets mad when he can't play with his toys. When I got home from Dallas, I realized how much his fine motor skills are improving...he's now able to get things to his mouth (like a toy or a spoon)...although, he often gags himself! He also is OBESSED with faces. He wants to touch everything in sight! He's talking a lot more, and even though people are calling me crazy, I swear we had this conversation the other day:
Me: In my little voice I use that makes Jaxon smile, "Jax, say mama I love you."
Jaxon: To this he replies in a big grin and drool puddle. Some incoherent babble...
Me: "Say mama I love you."
and guess what he did...I swear, he tried and said, in very baby talk, "mammmamma yahva you..."
Me: beaming, "he said it, he said it...hahaha"
Okay, maybe they are right and I am crazy, but I SWEAR he said it!
Here's to a great week!
Erika and the monkeys

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