Thursday, June 25, 2009

Totally Texas...

I'm in Dallas for a week. I'm missing my monkeys and had a crazy trip trying to get here. I'm super nervous about the class I'm starting. Here's a few details.
I get off the plane, find the rental car place...the woman I'm having a little trouble understanding her...regardless get in my car and head towards the hotel. I barely get out of the airport and Ugggh
So, I'm a little lost, can't figure out which way I'm supposed to go, finally find the right road and..accident. 5 lanes of traffic trying to merge into 1.
45 minutes to to 3/4 of a mile. Finally get off that road and...
wham, get pulled over. Can't find the papers that this officer wants, and I can barely hear him because the traffic is so stinking loud. He asks me if I'm going back to Oklahoma...(my rental has Oklahoma plates), and I'm trying to explain to him that I'm from Michigan and just got to Dallas, I'm lost, they keep sending me different ways...he lets me go...whoo
Start driving again, all shakey (it's amazing how bad your hands shake when you're nervous)...and I'm driving, and driving, and I still haven't seen University Dr or exit 380 yet...the next thing you know I see the sign
Oklahoma welcomes you
Uggh...turn around...finally find the right exit (which wasn't really the right one, the one I was looking for had been closed due to construction)...made it to the hotel...and had a great dinner with my friend Angela.
For those of you checking in for Jax updates...

I am trying to decide if I should cut baby Jax's hair...I don't mind just giving him a combover for now...but some people kee telling me I should trim it up. I don't really want to cut it until he's one! He's already lost most of it!

Have a great week~if you see my monkeys, give them smooches!

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