Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Texas heat...oh so sweet~

Baby Jaxon and I just got home from our first vacation together...and man, did we have a great time. He was WONDERFUL on the plane ride there...slept for the first hour or so, then played with the 2 men sitting next to me. The man on my right was amazing...he was in the Army and was headed to California for field practice...he had just said goodbye to his son, daughter and wife, and when I was about to lose it because I had to go to the bathroom so bad, he kindly watched Jaxon for me so I could escape!
We went out for a super delicious dinner on Friday.
Saturday, we woke up and went over to Angela's mom's house. They, her mom and nanna, watched our monkeys so that Angela and I could hit the salon. We had manicures and pedicures, and had cute little designs painted on our toes!

Once we got home and laid the kiddos down, William stayed home and Ang and I went to the pool for a hot minute until it was time to leave for her brother's birthday. We headed to the party...ate yummy food and cake, and headed back home. We tried to watch Pineapple Express, but we all fell asleep!

Sunday was the main reason that I was there. Ang has the cutest girl ever, Jillian, and she was getting baptised. Mind you, all weekend, people kept commenting on how good of a baby Jaxon was, and I kept saying, "yep, he's either really good or really bad." It never seems to fail when I try and take him to church, he instantly starts screaming. So, as Jillian's Godmother, I am sitting with Angela and Will, and their friend Shaun. Of course, Jaxon screams and screams...I was able to stand up with them, he quieted down for just a minute, but I was still a little bummed. Here are a few pictures of the most adorable Goddaughter in the world~~

This one is super cute...her little diaper was hanging out the back of her dress!

On Sunday afternoon, after church and lunch, we finally made it to the pool! Jaxon was not so sure what to think, and Jillian had a great time! I put a little blue hat on Jaxon that was Ayden's when he was little, and it reminded me so much of AJ!

Here are a few other shots of Jack and Jillian...we can't wait to visit again, but I'm not sure about another plane ride anytime soon. Jack was a little fussy on the way home, but the kid behind us screamed. bloody murder. all the fricken way. And genius mom didn't pack anything. no toys. no food. no drink. duh, no 18 month old will sit that long with nothing to do! Ahh...oh well, back to the grind mill! Hope everyone is doing well!

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