Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Oh...can't forget, freak me out!

So, those of you that know me well, I often have nightmares about my teeth wiggling. It may also not be surprising that I have been somewhat fearing Ayden loosing his teeth...today, I finally get them back...we go through all the routine bedtime stuff, and I go in to play dentist (which is the only way he will let me brush his teeth) and holy hell.

His front two bottom teeth are growing in BEHIND his baby teeth. Um...this is concerning to me because it looks painful...like they are not in the right spot at all!
I think I'll be calling the dentist in the morning to see if we need to have them pulled so they will grow into the correct position. See for yourself.

Any advice?


Nicole said...

Ok Momma E

Never fear- my teeth did the same thing. Depending on where they are/where they are supposed to be will be the factor on weather or not they will need pulled. (Duh)

Sadly, my lil teefers had to be yanked, but then again, sometimes they just popped out!

I hate hate hate lose teeth. I would hide the fact that I had lose teeth so my mom wouldnt try to wiggle them out. It used to be war trying to hold me down long enough to rip them out.

Such a baby i was/am. Needless to say, when i have kids, their daddy or grandparents will be yanking their teeth. I will take no part in torture!


Sarah said...

Goodness... what did your dentist say?