Thursday, May 14, 2009

One more chuckle...

Let me start by saying that all Maddie wanted for Christmas was a horse.
Mom, can I please have a horse?
Where would he sleep Maddie?
He could sleep in my bed, and I'll take care of him!!
We just don't have room, Moe.

So, she got a giddy up and go pony for Christmas, one that she can ride and she likes it...but it's still not a real horse.

Fast forward to yesterday. Ayden had a baseball game so I grabbed a few things for Maddie and I to do in the car because it was so cold out, and we headed to the ball park. I told Maddie as we were leaving Tiffany's that I had brought her a notebook and pencil to draw with, and boy she was excited!

Mom...I want my pencil and paper!
Me, scrambling around trying to get everyone buckled up and to the game on time. Hold on Mad, I'll get it when we get there.
But mom, I want it now!!
Maddie, hold on!
This continues for about a mile up the road, and finally exasperated I said, "MAD, WILL YOU HOLD YOUR HORSES!!"
and with her hands on her hips and head a shakin' she retorts,
"you wouldn't get me a horse, member mom!!!"
Pee my pants hilarious.
Then I tried to explain to her that holding your horses means being patient, and she kindly reminded me that she couldn't be patient because she didn't have any horses to hold. Sweet, sweet Maddie.

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Nicole said...

HA HA HA HA HA HA HA i'm CRACKING UP! Love that girl!