Saturday, May 9, 2009

Maddie makes me laugh...

Just a quick story so that I don't forget...
Ayden had baseball practice on Thursday and I dropped him off and Maddie, Jack and I headed to Walmart to pick up pictures and thank yous. Since his practice was right around dinner time I thought maybe we would grab something to eat and have a picnic whilewe waited for him.

Me: Hey Mad, are you hungry?
Mad: Yea, I want noodles and dressing. Her usual response when asked about food.
Me: Well, let's have a picnic while we wait for Ayden. Do you want chicken?
Mad: Um, no!! (looking at me like, duh mom, you idiot!) I don't want chicken, I want steak!!!
She's such a girl after my own heart!
Oh well, happy mothers day to all the mothers reading this! Hope you have a relaxing day!

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Nicole said...

Happy Mothers Day E!! XOXO :)