Thursday, April 30, 2009

Happy 6th b-day Ayden!

So we had such a wonderful rainy day for AJ's 6th b-day! My favorite thing was last night (the eve of his b-day) he said to me:

Me: so are you excited about your birthday?
AJ: yea...
Me: I can't believe that you're going to be 6. You're getting so big.
AJ: looking under his arms...does that mean that when I wake up I'm going to have hair under my arms?
This is where I lost it and Lizzie and I laughed forever...he's so funny!

He got a basketball hoop for his b-day which was really exciting for him, and his party is on Saturday...we're headed to the bowling alley!
Otherwise, things are good. I snapped some shots of Miss Moe jumping in the mud ouddles...she was having so much fun! Hope everyone is doing well!
Erika and the monkeys

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Nicole said...

love you e!

i'll miss you this weekend!