Saturday, April 25, 2009

Picture Princess

As I was blog surfing the other day I came across a blog talking about the Picture Princess contest for Shabby Apple...and what would you know, but that I have a princess, or so she thinks, right under my roof! Currently at the age of 3, Maddie's favorite past time is dressing and and modeling around the room for me...and it's a great thing that I love to take pictures!

Little girls and girls dresses from shabby baby are adorbale, and that's why Miss Moe would make a wonderful shabby baby. She's fun, fiesty, and spirited! The dress that I think would look the best on her and that she would love the most would be the gumball dress! She would love the bright colors! Isnt' it so cute?!?!

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Sarah said...

I lurv that dress!