Sunday, March 1, 2009


Guess where I'm posting from???
Give up?

MY LAPTOP!!! Yea!!! I'm so stinking excited! Now I'll be able to post after my monkies are in bed! And I'll be more faithful with all the fun things I've been trying to learn (like twitter...) and all of that junk.

I went to Ikea today and bought lots of fun stuff for my scrapbooking that I spent Friday night scraping with Ali, I feel that I've been bitten by the bug! It's time. I'll have to post some of the pages I made. And I can't wait to finish my room downstairs.

And my day was even better when my good friend Angela (from Texas) asked me to be Jillian's Godmother. I feel so honored. What a blessing. I can't wait to go to Texas in May and visit and see the sweet girl.

Baby Jaxon is offically 2 months old, and oddly enough he has been sleeping a lot the last few days. He went to bed at 6:30 pm yesterday, ate around 2 am and went back down until 9 this morning...ate again and went back to sleep. Must be growing...

My next big buy will be a treadmill. My friend Nicole is trying to get me into running, and I've been doing okay (I actually made it 2 miles the other day without passing out!) but after an extremely hard workout Tuesday and Wednesday, my legs are just now starting to feel like I can walk again with out them wanting to fall off. Holy hell, I think Nick was trying to kill me. Oh well, gotta jet home, will post more that I can!

Hope everyone is enjoying their weekends...

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Nicole said...

awww! a treadmill! what have i done? and INTERNET? wow i've missed so much in 9 days!!! i'm so happy for you