Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Spring has Sprung

Today was an amazing day.

The sun was out...the weather was beautiful...I got to open my windows in my house and let out all of the nasty stale winter air.

My day started with a work out with Nick. He kicked my butt. I'm pretty sure that my legs are going to fall off tomorrow.

Once I finally got out of work I went and picked up my monkies, which I'm always happy to see. I'm not exactly sure why, but I'm really wanting another dog right now. I went to the pound yesterday, and today after I picked up my kids we went to the humane society. There were 3 dogs there that I could have easily seen joining my family, and if Maddie and Ayden had a choice we would have taken all three. But maybe it's a sign that we had arrived too late and they wouldn't let us pet any of them, so I had to promise them that we would visit tomorrow.
The three dogs we had to choose from were
1) Scooter: a 3 year old cattle dog. White and tan, seemed really sweet and good with people (we watched her with another family)
2) Lucy Lou: (wouldn't that be cute with Lexie Lou) a 7 mo old black lab mix with a white chest...questioning her because I'm not sold on the puppy part...don't really want a chewer, but at least she's potty trained!!
3) D Brown: a 2 year old brown lab mix...potty trained and loves to go on walks.
All three could be wonderful...I'm just not sure which one to pick!

So, after the shelter, we came home and ate dinner. Then we decided to go for a walk. I put Jack in his carrier thing on my chest, Maddie in the stroller, AJ was on his bike, and Lexie on the leash, and away we went. We made it for a half an hour and my heart rate was where it needed to be for an extra half hour workout. I swear people were staring at me...one couple walking by said, "my you have your hands full."
My reply: "I wouldn't have it any other way."
It was a wonderful, refreshing walk.
And now...the most hilarious part.
We get home, it's 7:35 (already 35 minutes past bath time), and Maddie is cold. She begs for me to run her a bath, which I do, and tell her she only has a minute to wash up because it's already story time. Then baby Jack starts crying because he's hungry so I run out to the living room to get him fed, and ask Ayden to go get his pj's on because now it's past bath time for him. I also ask him to check on Maddie because she's being quiet in the tub (where she is usually loud and singing), and he comes to me and says, "mom, maddie's sleeping and I can't wake her up." At first, panic, but I'm thinking, there is barely water in the tub (maybe an inch or two deep) and I hadn't heard the water running). I go in there and she's floating on her back, snoring, so loud, I swear the water is wavey. It was soooo funny. I couldn't even wake her up...I had to pick her up, dry her off, and THEN she woke up and asked for her monkey pj's. She crawled right into bed and went to sleep. Unbelievable.

Anyways, then I let AJ watch one person sing on American Idol, and he went and crawled right into bed and went to sleep...I LOVE SPRING!! Kids get the exercise and the rest they need, and we are no longer cooped up!
Hopefully it will stay nice until next winter!
I hope everyone else had a wonderful spring day!


Nicole said...

YAY! What a fun couple days! I love spring, it puts me in such a good mood. Then i'm reminded of the winter slump ive been in and happy that i'm 'free' of crap weather! Can't wait to see you tomorrow!

Sarah said...

That screams America's Funniest Home Videos! Ha!

Lizzie-belle said...

Erika~ Just be careful not to jump into this dog thing...seems I always make a quick decision and then end up questioning myself afterwards. You know I can always bring Izzy over anytime...now thats a relief isn't it! Have a wonderful day. Love your pictures and music!! xx00