Saturday, February 14, 2009

You're invited...

to the joining of
Mr Q and Miss U

Shrap Park School

Please sign the guestbook...
and let one of the handsome ushers find you a seat!

(That's my usher in the middle!)

Next...the ushers will roll out the carpet for the beautiful flowergirls and brides!

And here come the flower girls...but instead of petals, how about baby Q's and U's?

After a short story about quiet Mr Q and outgoing Miss's time for the vows and a little song. And who could forget the rings? Bring out the rings! (Ayden was a ring bearer also!)

And may the Pastor proudly present...
Mr and Mrs Qu!
You may shake hands!

One by one they exit...(I hope they all look this excited on their wedding day!)

It's time for cake (but because of healthy school policy how about veggie pizza!)

And what's a wedding without dancing?

And of course we need a shot with Elizabeth...

What a wonderful idea for the kindergarten class! They sure had a lot of fun, and it was adorable!

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