Saturday, February 28, 2009

Pass the ball!!!

Okay, so once again I'm having trouble uploading pictures, but Ayden started basketball and it's hilarious. Best part...they have green shirts, and he thinks he plays for Michigan State~ Go green! But, I'm trying to get through Ayden's head that he needs to pass the ball...he will be dribbling down the court (or trying to) and will have open teammates...I'm yelling "pass the ball, pass the ball" and what does he do???
Stops dead in his tracks, looks and me and says, "NO!"
Ball hog.
It's a hoot though.
And then the one shot he does get off, doesn't even come near the basket. When I finally get the pictures to load, you will see that the ball is a good 8 feet to the right of the hoop. I give him credit for trying. And he loves it, which is even better. He's going to have to miss next week because Karyn and I are taking our kiddos to see Disney on Ice, and it was a hard choice for him to make because I gave him the option since there are only 6 games in the season.
I'm really hoping that his "real" coach shows up this week because last week it was a dad who didn't really seem to know anything about the game...not that there's much to know at this stage in the game, but still. Oh well, hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend!


N.D. said...

thanks for stopping over to my blog! Running is great and will be great "me time" for you! Let me know if you have any questions or if I can help you at all! Your kids are adorable!

Nicole said...

lol your kids crack me up!