Saturday, February 7, 2009

Cradle Yuck!

Ok. Jack Jack has a case of cradle cap...or cradle crap as I like to call it. Ayden had it as well...but Maddie never did. I think it has something to do with having hair...when they are bald, the oil has no where to go so their head doesn't dry all out, but when they have hair, the oil travels down the hair shaft. Anyways, I had this stuff from Ayden, it's this oil crap you rub into their scalp and then comb away the scaly skin. But it always seems that no matter how much you wash it, it's still oily! So, here are a few, as Maddie would say, hilarious pictures of Jack with the oil in his hair and the other after the bath. I can't believe how long it has lightened up a lot and has thinned out a little, but it's mullet strong in the back still!


NiC said...

awwwh he is soo handsome though!

Sarah said...

I think he's adorable.... despite the fact that he'll hate these pictures when he's older. You should have posed him next to an electrical socket... hee hee