Saturday, January 31, 2009

Scraproom almost finished!!! one goal during my time off of work was to get my scraproom in order so that I can start scraping again. I haven't had time to do it since I started back to school, and since I graduated almost a year ago...I should really get on it! My wonderful friend Ali came over and helped me go through a bunch of junk...I can't believe how quickly it accumulates, and she also brought her very cool labeler (okay, OCD, I know, but it will be nice when I know where everything is without digging for it!) But I'm trying to find ways that I can make it more organized with all the stuff that I have...does anyone have ideas for organizing stickers and papers and all the craziness??? I have drawers for all of my stamps and ink pads, but I think I bought most of the inventory when the scrap store here in town went out of business a few years ago. I'll post pictures later when I get a chance to load you can see what I have already accomplished!
Here's to hopefully a crop at my house sometime soon!

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Micki said...

you dont know me but I'm friends with nicole, a blog u follow, and i just was looking @ different ppls blogs and wanted to comment on how adorable all three of chlidren are:)