Sunday, January 25, 2009

Oh. my.
Sleep Jack Sleep.

Let me begin by saying...yea, baby Jack has managed to survive the craziness of Oriole Dr for a full month! I can hardly believe he is already a month old. He is getting so big and changing more and more every day. I must say that he is the most serious baby I have ever had. He's starting to smile a little and I hate to say, but is slightly spoiled. He loves to be held, which I love to do, but makes it impossible to ever get anything done!!! Not to mention the last two nights have been pretty sleepless...
I may be. going. crazy!!!
I hope we get this routine thing worked out before I start back to work in 2 weeks, or I may be bald from pulling my hair out!
Hope everyone is doing well!
Erika and the monkies

1 comment:

NiC said...

Awh! How come J will sleep when i'm around but when i'm not hes awake as can be! GRRR! :) I'm excited for you to come back to work hun!!