Sunday, January 4, 2009

Maddie + Attitude = Mattitude

Okay, so when I first told my monkies about the baby in mommy's belly, they were both super excited! Now that baby Jaxon has been home for 11 days, things are already changing, and I'm not really sure how to handle it. I guess it would be different if I wasn't a single mom, but when I'm home with them, it's JUST ME...thank goodness Jack is somewhat of an easy baby. But Maddie is not adjusting all! She has been dubbed "Mattitude" because she is so sassy and so...I don't know, mean. I'm sure she is jealous and feels that, as my mom would say, "her nose has been cut off" but seriously, I may start pulling my hair out.

Everyday she now tells me, "well, mom, can we take baby Jax back to the hospital and put him back in your tummy?" And it doesn't help that I'm nursing him because everytime he cries and wants to eat, she goes into this whinny fit and wants me to hold her..."put him down!!!" It's so difficult. I've never before had to tell her, "no mommy can't hold you right now," and wow, you can tell.

Not to mention that for some reason, her favorite words these days seem to all contain 4 letters, and I can't figure out how to get her to stop. I've tried threatening, taking toys away, "sassy sauce" (white vinager in a spray bottle), but nothing really seems to get my point across that these words are, if she really is upset, it's not okay to call someone f**king stupid...I really want to know where she learned these words. I have an idea, but everytime I address it, it's quickly pointed out that I'm not super mom which is soooo super frusterating.

I can't wait for this to pass, but I'm also worried that if she's like this at 3...I'm scared of what 16 will look like. How do you disclipine a child without breaking their spirit?


Pourmousa said...

Oh, honey! I know exactly what you are going through as we are going through it with Hanah. She was 3.5 when Sarah was born in Oct and boy did her world turn upside down. I can't say she was to the extreme of Maddie but you could tell on her face so many times she was hurt because no one was playing with her or somebody played with the baby too long. I read a lot of big sis/lil sis stories or books showing her what the big sister was suppose to do. I dont know if Maddie even wants to help with Jax or not but the more I let Hanah do with Sarah...get her diapers, wipes, binkie, etc. the "bigger" she feels. I am also nursing and I cant tell you how many times Hanah has tried to climb in the chair with us. I cant say it has been easy but now after 3 is much better so hang in there and try to spend as much "special" time with Maddie when you can. She will come around eventually, let's just hope it's before she is 16! You guys look great and baby Jax is georgous! Good luck and keep us posted!

Carrie Cole said...

Aww....sounds like you have some drama at your house. I think you are doing the best job that you can. NOBODY is a perfect mom! I think its partly her age and partly because she is not the "baby" anymore...which I think is totally normal. When she realizes that Jaxon isnt going anywhere then she will be ok. Good Luck!