Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year!!

Of course we had to get a picture with AJ and his new wink/finger face...he's sooo funny! Jack looked at him like "what the..."

The look on Maddie's face in this picture pretty much sums up how the entire morning went...hence, I have a ton of pictures of AJ and Jax, and maybe one of Maddie and Jax!

I put these pictures in because of what I saw when I was looking at them...PTA classmates, what reflex are we observing??? Hahahah!

I spent a good hour yesterday trying to get the "perfect picture" to send out for some announcements for baby Jaxon's arrival...and this is what I got! It was chaos...AJ and Maddie both got little cameras for Christmas, so instead of wanting to get their picture taken, they kept wanting to take mine!!!

So...our NYE celebration was pretty uneventful, but I rang it in with three of the greatest people in the world! We ate pizza, watched Horton and had popcorn, and wrapped up the evening in mommy's new King size bed...sadly, we all fell asleep around 10:30. My phone blew up around midnight, and to all those who called and/or texted to wish me a happy new years, thanks for the thoughts, and sorry I missed you! I hope everyone had a wonderful night, and here's to a blessed 2009!

Erika and the monkies

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Nicole said...

Cute pictures! If you want me to make you a new header with your favorite of your 3 kiddos, just let me know and it can be done! :) Happy new year!