Sunday, December 28, 2008

Christmas morning on Oriole

We had a wonderful Christmas!!!! I'm still trying to find the bottom of my living room/dining room under all the boxes and paper! My favorite gift by far was spending time with my wonderful family and enjoying everyone's company!! Ayden's favorite gift besides his DS from grandma was probably his guitar which he never puts down, and Maddie was excited for her horse...and her pink MSU number shirt ("Now I can go in, mom!!!") She is so funny! She also LOVED her princess trunk and click clack shoes...which is all she seems to wear these days. I posted a few pictures of her because she transformed into super model once she put her dress on!!! I also love the picture of baby Jaxon in his reindeer outfit...way too cute! Hope everyone enjoyed their time with their families as well!

Erika and the monkies

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Nicole said...

Miss Maddie is hilarous in her super model outfit. I remember click clack shoes and costume jewerly. Oh the days of being a kid. :)