Wednesday, November 12, 2008


So...I'm trying to post more about things going on, and, well, things are crazy busy, and I hate not having internet at my house!!! So...Ayden is doing well in school, Maddie is Maddie...and I'm...fat! Can't wait to be done being pregnant, but I know that as soon as he is here, I'll be it was so much easier when he was in me!
So...this pregnancy has been...weird. I have now had this rash for a week and am miserable...I itch everywhere and it stinks! I did talk with Vendola, and looks like I'm going to be induced right before Christmas, thank the Lord! HMMMM...and I have to get to a lunch meeting, but I promise I will try and keep everyone updated with the latest! Luv ya all!

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nicole said...

i hope your rash gets solved soon!! it was soo nice to see you today!! xoxo