Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Picaso is in making...I think!

Oh...what a night! So, I have been working hard on the house, and we finally finished painting Ayden and Maddie's room tonight. I thought that because they were going to share a room for a year (until Jaxon is sleeping through the night) that I would let them paint/design it any how they want!!! So...put into place four cans of paint (red, yellow, blue and orange) and two wild children with paint brushes...and here are the results! I'm pretty sure we are going to be finding paint in places I can only imagine for the next three years!! The end result...two happy monkies and a room all of their own!
Luv from our family to yours,
Erika and the monkies


Carrie Cole said...

Hey Erika....came across your blob and thought I woul leave you a comment....You are a BRAVE soul for letting your kids do this! OMG....I would have a MAJOR panic attack...lol! Good to see that you are doing good and expecting another little one...how fun, congrats! OH and BTW...I like the name Jaxon...sounds studly!

Carrie Cole said...

Ok....seriously...I have spelling issues, LMAO! Sorry about that, I am sure that you knew what I meant to write!