Monday, August 18, 2008

Jaxon Donald...maybe? here are the best pictures that I have from today...sad for me that he was face down and rump in the air the whole time!!! So, we tried really hard for a profile shot, but he was shaking his head while we were trying to get it, hence, the blurry shot! But other than that, things so far look good. He's measuring a little big (but Lord knows, I will welcome him early!) so I'm really keeping my fingers crossed for a Christmas baby! We have our fetal echo next week, and I'm hoping we can peek at his face then, but if not, my little snuggle buddy will be here soon enough! Oh, and still loving the name Jaxon (Maddie has been calling him Jax and it's sooo cute), and I'm really thinking Donald after one of the greatest men in the world, my bompa! Hope everyone is well! Love, Erika and the monkies

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